DWI Insurance -The Street Talk about Auto Insurance after a DWI.

Word on the street is that DWI Insurance is not affordable. That is far from the truth.  We represent auto insurance companies that have research showing drivers that have a DWI are less likely to have accident’s, therefore our premiums are much lower than any other company without sacrificing your auto insurance coverage.

“Great Auto Insurance and Great Rates”.  This does not mean it’s ok to drink and drive. It simply means that you made a mistake in judgment one time and that should not be cause to pay 400% more for car insurance.  Many companies prefer drivers with a good driving record.  Our companies have figured out how to make money on drivers with mishaps like DWI’s, speeding tickets and accidents without charging sky high rates. Our agents can help you find the right coverage.

DWI Insurance

These rates are actual rates in surrounding counties for state required limits on automobile liability insurance.
Our auto insurance rates for full coverage are just as affordable.

Alamance County$251.00 (6 Months)$65.00 Down Payment$50.00 Monthly (5)
Guilford County $293.00 (6 Months)$72.00 Down Payment$57.00 Monthly (5)
Davidson County$251.00 (6 Months) $64.00 Down Payment$49.00 Monthly (5)
Forsyth County $293.00 (6 Months)$72.00 Down Payment$57.00 Monthly (5)
Wake County$293.00 (6 Months)$72.00 Down Payment$57.00 Monthly (5)

Rates may vary slightly for zip codes and driving experience. Contact us to obtain a specific auto insurance quote based on your needs and budget.


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